Making Mental Health Services More Accessible

At SEKMHC, we recognize the need for increased availability of immediate mental health care. In our mission to continue to offer the most effective care to our population here in Southeast Kansas, we acknowledge that there are still many barriers that exist keeping many from getting the help that is often needed in the time frame to be most helpful.  To make mental health services more accessible to all parts of our population, we have responded by adding Open Access hours.

What is Open Access? Open Access refers to clinic times when no appointment is needed to be seen that day. During Open Access times, we offer several services on a walk-in basis, including intake, individual therapy, and medication management.  

Intakes are the first step in becoming an established client. During an intake, you will meet with one of our licensed therapists, who will give you an opportunity to share your concerns and symptoms. An intake is a collaborative discussion focused on exploring your current stressors and symptoms, the impact on your daily life and functioning, and, together with the therapist, creating a plan for improvement that works well with your life. Together, you will walk through what options may be the most beneficial to you, such as individual therapy, family therapy, and medication management. If you’re still wondering what an intake might look like, head over to our website and watch the intake video! It can help ease any nervousness with the process of an intake and prepare you for any questions you might have before you come in.

Medication management appointments are available to all established patients, meaning that you have already had an intake appointment and been seen by the medication provider at least once before utilizing Open Access. Medication Management appointments are encouraged to manage concerns that come up in between your regular appointments with your medication provider. It is also a great way to make up a canceled or missed appointment that’s hard to reschedule. 

Open Access times can be an excellent option when life gets busy, and sometimes you feel like you can’t schedule one more appointment or wait for an open appointment. With several locations available and extended hours available, our hope is that you can find the time to get the care you need, even when things are hectic. Check out the times and locations below for a complete list of all our Open Access Clinics.

SEKMHC Garnett

Established and non-established clients for therapy.
Established clients for medication management. (ages 5 and up)
Every Wednesday | 4-8 PM

New clients for intake services only.
Every Thursday | 8 AM-12 PM

SEKMHC Humboldt

Established clients for medication management. (ages 5 and up)
Every Thursday | 2-4 PM


Established clients for medication management. (ages 5 and up)
Saturdays as announced | 9 AM-2 PM

SEKMHC Yates Center

New clients for intake services and established clients for therapy.

Every Tuesday | 1-4 PM

Jeanette Rogers, LMLP

Outpatient Therapist and Clinical Expansion Coordinator

Southeast Kansas Mental Health Center & Ashley Clinic