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about Your eVisit

eVisits allow you to access your physician for a medical complaint from the comfort of your home.

By logging into your patient portal, you may start an eVisit for a number of complaints. After submitting your information, your physician will review your symptoms and reply within 3 hours if submitted before 9pm, otherwise by the following morning at 10am. The visit is secure and becomes part of your medical record.

An eVisit is $39. The visit cannot be submitted for insurance.

Possible conditions that can be addressed through an eVisit include:

  • Allergies, upset stomach, cough, pink eye, rash, sore throat, poison ivy, yeast infections, urinary tract symptoms, smoking cessation, ear ache, and lice or tick bites. For a complete list, click the link to start an eVisit!

You must be a current patient of the Ashley Clinic within the past year and be 18 years old to complete an eVisit. If you have been evaluated for the same complaint within the past week, you will need to schedule an appointment for an office visit.


about pre-visit interviews

The IMH Pre-Visit Interview can be completed by following the link to the right. If you have an appointment with Dr. Robert Thomen or Kathi Yokum, APRN, please complete the interview prior to your appointment.


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