The Ashley Clinic Family Healthcare Services


The Ashley Clinic is pleased to offer an on-site lab where you can complete blood work and other testing ordered by your doctor. You can also call the lab directly to schedule an appointment to have labs drawn that have been ordered by another provider.


The Ashley Clinic offers on-site diagnostic digital x-rays and ultrasound. We are also able to perform EKGs and bone density studies here in the clinic.


The Ashley Clinic wants to keep you and your family as healthy as possible, and offers all routine immunizations. This includes flu and pneumonia vaccines. You can call and schedule some of your vaccines directly with the immunization room. Everyone is encouraged to receive a flu vaccine annually. Additionally, the immunization room is able to administer other routine injection medications and allergy shots.


The Ashley Clinic is proud to have a certified Diabetes Educator as part of our family. It is crucial to your health to
have well-controlled diabetes. Our Diabetes Educator can teach you how to manage your diet and lifestyle as well as regulate your blood sugars. If you need education about your diagnosis or help managing your diabetes, please call to schedule an appointment.

Sneak Peek 3D/4D Sono

Looking for memorable sonogram pictures of your bouncing baby? Sneak Peek sonograms are available for gender reveals and capturing images of your little one’s cheek

3D & 4D sono – $150 

  • DVD recording of images
  • black and white keepsake images
  • best between 27-34 weeks gestation

2D Gender Reveal – $75

  • DVD recording
  • black and white keepsake images
  • best after 16 weeks gestation

Email or call 620-431-2500 to schedule your baby’s photo shoot!

This sonogram is not a medical procedure therefore a physician will not be reviewing the images