Meet Our Physicians

With so many accomplishments and a passion for caring for our patients, we want you to get to know who we are!

Greta McFarland, MD

The Life and Times of Dr. Greta, or…a Random Perspective

Having grown up on a cattle ranch in Southwest Kansas (able to see about 15 miles in any direction), I feel I’m in a metropolis, living with the “city-folk” in Chanute!

My undergraduate degree is in Biomedical engineering, being one of the first to graduate from the program at Wichita Sate University.

I got my pilot’s license while in residency.


I was most likely a VERY obnoxious 4 year-old…Thankfully, my family loved me anyway.

AND, also….THANK YOU to all who put up with me NOW!!!

I REALLY ENJOY each and every day at the Ashley Clinic!


Thank you all for making that happen!!!