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The Ashley Clinic Pediatric Pearls for Parents

The pediatric specialist at the Ashley Clinic in Chanute is on-staff to help care for the health and wellbeing of your child – as well as help guide parents of children of all ages in making the most beneficial choices about healthcare options for their kids.

Our Pediatric Pearls links are included on this page as a resource for parents wanting to read about common conditions that might affect their children.

A Minute with Dr. Greta radio spots - 12/17/2017
Topics:  When Do "First Experiences" Become "Been There, Done That"? | Do the "Eyes" Have It? Well, We Hope They Won’t Have Airsoft Gun Pellets! | From 6-Monther Eye Contact to "Whatever!"….What a Ride!!!

A Minute with Dr. Greta radio spots - 12/10/2017
Topics:  Media Use and Addiction | Use X-ray Imaging Only as Necessary!! | Morning Moods and Evening Meals: What’s the Connection???

A Minute with Dr. Greta radio spots - 12/3/2017
Topics:  Holidays and Waistlines!! | Painkiller Medication Use Is Associated with Dating Violence | Holiday Illness

A Minute with Dr. Greta radio spots - 11/26/2017
Topics:  Brain Neurotransmitter Activity | Depression and Media Use? Are They Related??? | An Ounce of Prevention!

A Minute with Dr. Greta radio spots - 11/19/2017
Topics:  9-Month Stranger Anxiety at the Holidays | Marijuana Eaten as Sweets | Self-Cyberbullying

A Minute with Dr. Greta radio spots - 11/12/2017
Topics:  Sexting and Our Kids | Mealtime Activities | More on E-Cigarettes

A Minute with Dr. Greta radio spots - 11/5/2017
Topics:  Cyberstalking – An Unseen Threat! | Water Myths and Your Kids | Parents: Role Models for Life!

A Minute with Dr. Greta radio spots - 10/29/2017
Topics:  The Seasons are A’Changing!! | Poison Ivy – The "Itchy" Details | Marijuana Affects Judgment, Right???!!!???

A Minute with Dr. Greta radio spots - 10/22/2017
Topics:  Handwashing | Nothing to Sneeze at…But Maybe Something to Sneeze with??!!?? | Halloween Tips

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Remember: Good health is a journey for both you and your child!

Contact the Ashley Clinic at (620) 431-2500 for answers to your questions about medical care or to schedule an appointment. You may also contact us using the information on the Locations pages for any NON-MEDICAL communications. The Ashley Clinic's primary policy is payment in full for services, as billed